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Projects Worked On
Over the period of over 30 years in the food industry I have worked for and with a number of large and small companies on equally small and large Projects.
These have included a number of Plant Start-Ups, Specific Management of Projects, Trouble Shooting and Technical Support, Company Management and Operations Management Roles.
Kraft Foods Bahrain
Plant Director.
- Set up company from Brown Field Site. -
- Project Team Member For Plant Design.
- Recruitment of Work Force.
- Managed Plant Commissioning.
- Headed Country Operation for five years
NZMP Mexico
Put in place complete commissioning plan for new recombined cheese operation
Philippine Dairy Products Corporation
- Consulted on complete Operation
- Commissioning of New Dairy Plant.
- Training on Ingredient Use.
- Trouble Shooting
- Line Set ups
- Equipment Selection
Kapiti Cheese (New Zealand)
Operations Manager
- Managed companies, Two Cheese Operations, Ice Cream Facility, Packing Room, Logistics, Technical and All support Functions.
- Member of the Senior Executive.
- Oversaw the start up of two new cheese facilities
- Part of the executive that managed company buy out by external party
NZMP Egypt
- Commissioning of Cheese Plant.
- Staff Training
- System Implementation
- Recipe Developments
- Trouble Shooting
- Ingredient Development
NZDG Te Rapa (New Zealand)
- Process Reviews
- Recipe Recommendations
- Process Recommendations
Orrani Consulting (United Kingdom)
- Technical Reports
Landel Mills (United Kingdom)
- Technical Training
Fathers Table (USA)
- Technical Report
- Recipe Development
MBR Indonesia
- Assist in Recipe Development
Narin Milk Turkey
- Technical Assistance

- Technical Training

SMTL (Tunisia)
- Technical Assistance

MOI (Malaysia)
- Project Scoping

Anchia Milk Products Guangzhou (China)
- Cheese Plant Line Design.
- Equipment Selection.
- Plant Commissioning- Staff Training- System Implementation- Recipe Design

Marlborough Co-Operative Dairy Company (New Zealand)
 Processed Cheese Spread Line set-up.
- Equipment Selection.
- Recipe Design
- Commissioning
- Staff Training
- System Implementation.

Korea New Zealand Cheese Company (South Korea)
- Complete Business Audit of Operation
- Reviewed Operation

Almarai (Saudi Arabia)
Plant Manager
- Managed Transfer From Old Plant to New Facility.
- Headed Company Cheese Operations.
- Managed Commissioning of New Plant.
- Managed Close Down of Old Plant.
- Ran a Business Development Program.
Kraft Foods (Philippines)
- Ingredient Selection.
- Recipe assistance
- Training
Saudi New Zealand Milk Products (Saudi Arabia)
- Complete Operations Audit
- Recipe Development Work
- Operations Consulting
- Process Development
Pastoral Foods (New Zealand)
- Project Managed Two New Product Launches.
- Equipment Selections
- Trouble Shooting
- Recipe Management
- System Implementation
Tatua Co Operative Dairy Company (New Zealand)
- Assisting in Putting Together A Middle East & North Africa Market Strategy.
- Introductions To Key Players
- Commissioning of Pilot Plant
The Cheese Company (United Kingdom)
- Training
- Product/Market Research
New Zealand Dairy Board
- Product Concept Development
- Theoretical Line and Equipment Layouts

GROENZ (New Zealand)
- Product Concept Development
- Technical Team Management
- Structure Review.
- Member of Senior Management Team