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AWAT Consulting 

Dedicates itself to helping Food Manufacturers in area of Operations, Project Management.

With 40 years experience in the Food and Dairy Industry we have worked on Projects, Plant Start Ups, Operational Consulting and Operations Management in

New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Philippines, China, Egypt, South Korea, Mexico, Indonesia, India, Turkey, Tunisia, Thailand; Malaysia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Russia, Iraq and the U.S.A


We are able to offer services in 

  • Short Term Manufacturing & Operations Management (Food Industry)

  • Project Management (Dairy & Bakery)

  • Equipment Sourcing

  • Equipment Disposal

  • Dairy Ingredient Sourcing

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Industry Studies (Dairy & Bakery)

  • Process Design (Dairy & Bakery)

  • Recipe Product Design & Trouble Shooting (Cheese) 

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